Television Host and Singer

He is one of the most popular and charismatic personalities in Spain. Currently, he stars in the theatrical production “Por Humor al Arte” and he hosts the interview program “En tu casa o en la mía” of TVE.

He started his musical career in 1981. He is a renowned international singer who recorded songs in Italian, French and English He moved to Italy in 1983, where he won the Award to the best voice in the  Festival di San Remo.

He started working as a television host in Telecinco, where he presented “Contacto, con tacto” y “La batalla de las estrellas”. Afterwards, he Works for Antena 3 hosting the talent shows “Lluvia de estrellas” and  “Menudas Estrellas”.

In 2009, Bertín created a foundation named after him, detined to orientate and inform other families with children suffering from  brain damage.